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Digital Out of Home Advertising Solutions

DOOH is developing at speed. Yet, like every advertising channel, it is undergoing disruption. There are new players challenging established brands, and out-of-home (OOH) networks are expanding digital signage as fast as they can.

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Building on the success of DOOH

Out of home advertising offers a brand safe environment, with unparalleled viewability. Unless something is physically blocking the screen, all ads are 100 percent viewable. What percentage of digital display ad inventory can honestly make such a bold promise? Add data feeds, video and programmatic capabilities to the mix and digital out-of-home is an unbeatable offering.

One of the key reasons why DOOH is such a valuable marketing asset is its impressive visibility. Digital displays are often in high-traffic areas, ensuring their content is seen by many people. Further, unlike at home or online advertising, there is no way for the audience to skip the ad, use an ad-blocker or change the contents of the screen. This means that when content goes up, it’s going to get its full playthrough and is likely to be noticed.

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