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digital display

Promote products right on the shelf – ideal for retail.

Attention grabbing and eye catching, our dynamic digital shelf signage solutions are an instant visual upgrade for any retail offering. Add a lot of impact for a fraction of the price.

We’ve ensured that updating our shelf signage displays is simple, meaning you can co-ordinate your LED advertising and traditional print marketing with ease.


Smart pricing, strong profits

Adapt Your Prices

Instantly update store pricing. Save time and money on manual paper promotions.

Keep On Brand

Change shelf advertising to match new store layouts, promote products and more.

Vibrant Colours

Like all Scanlite displays, our shelf signage is bright and in high definition full colour.

Promote Products

Grab attention in less-visited areas of your store or business easily.

Easy setup and management

Our Digital Shelf Display systems bring instant, easy to update and vivid advertising applicable to almost every shop and business.

Animation Ready

Show off still or animated graphics for your most-popular brands and products you want to promote.

Flexible Sizes and Options

At Scanlite, our displays are tailored to you. We have a variety of styles and sizes for any application.

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Contact us today to enquire about our range of digital shelf displays.