Digital LED Screen

Digital Displays For Your Church

Digital displays have long been recognised for the variety of useful roles they can serve in religious settings, and churches can benefit from both indoor and outdoor digital signage. Indoor displays can serve as useful visual aids during talks and sermons, or for displaying lyrics during hymns. Outdoor digital displays, on the other hand, can be great for attracting new congregants.

Digital LED Screen

Vibrant colours. Needle-sharp images. No afterglow.

The age and legal status of some churches can make them particularly sensitive environments for installation of digital displays. That’s why we take exceptional care here at Scanlite to tailor your project both to the purposes you have in mind, and the demands of the location at hand. And with our full turnkey offering, we can guarantee outstanding results every time.

Why Choose Our Digital Displays For Your Church?

We make each of our digital displays right here in-house at Scanlite, with our own expertise, materials and facilities. That enables us to have complete confidence in the quality of every project we install. What’s more, our digital displays are modular, which means we can scale them to be as large or as compact as you’d like.

Our screens are particularly popular as sermon aids. They can provide you with a variety of creative opportunities to help get your message across to congregants, with graphics, images and videos. Plus, studies have shown that after three days, people retain 65% of visually presented information, and digital signage specifically has an astounding recall rate of 83% – so you can be sure that your audience will be thinking about your content long after the talk itself ends.

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