Scanlite Sign

Platinum Reception Displays create a great first impression.

Make a lasting impact.

Digital Signage for Reception Areas

With a million messages competing for our attention every day, finding space and the time for your message to make an impact is imperative. That’s where platinum comes in. The striking design and stunning imagery of Scanlite’s platinum range turns your digital displays into a powerful, active member of your communication team.

Touch screen technology

Interact with your customers, get them involved and enhance your marketing campaign or presentation

Highly Flexible

Screen sizes range from 6 inches to 65 inches, so there’s no limit to where your message can make an impact.

Why choose Digital Signage for Receptions

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    Maximise Your Audience Reach
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    High Return On Investment
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    Attention-Grabbing displays
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    Increase Footfall

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Over 40,000 digital installations and counting.