Digital Factory and Warehouse Displays

Indoor Digital Signs & Programmable LED Digital Display Solutions

Enjoy digital displays without limits. Our innovative modular unit design means we can create indoor digital displays of unlimited size, and guarantee flawless performance on whatever scale you choose. 

From cosy conference rooms to sprawling event halls, we can tailor our digital displays to suit any space, and any application. We manufacture our own displays on-site at our own specialist facilities, so we can guarantee flawless quality. With every screen we manufacture, you can expect real-time processing of any high-quality picture or video, providing brilliant, high-contrast display images – every single time.

That gives you everything you need to engage your target audience in effective new ways, capturing their attention with vibrant colours and crystal clear sound. Whether you’re considering eye-catching new indoor signage, a large-scale video wall, or a fully interactive experience, our indoor digital display solutions can help you create unforgettable experiences for your customers. 

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Indoor Video Displays

Capture the imagination with digital Indoor Video Displays.

Whatever their size, our LED video display screens are perfect for effortlessly drawing the gaze of onlookers.

Indoor Video Display

Video Walls

Wow your audience with digital LED Video Walls.

Bring your creative vision to life with our flexible range of video wall solutions, each one manufactured at our own facilities here at Scanlite.

video walls

Financial Tickers

Dynamic digital displays with scrolling text

If your messages are short and simple, our tickers and line displays are just what you need.

Bespoke Displays

Custom-made LED signs from Scanlite.

Display your way with our bespoke services, from design and installation to maintenance and aftercare.

Bespoke digital displays

LCD Menu Boards

Instantly grab the attention of your target audience

Digital menu boards provide a quick, convenient and impressive way for your customers to discover what your establishment has to offer.

LCD Menu Displays

Freestanding Displays

Get your message right in front of your target audience.

Sometimes also referred to as digital kiosks, freestanding digital displays are highly versatile installations that are placed directly on the ground, rather than fixed to a wall or other surface.

Freestanding Displays

LCD Displays

Compact and cost-effective.

Liquid Crystal Displays differ from LED screens in that they essentially work on the principle of blocking light rather than emitting it – making them an useful alternative when it comes to indoor signage

LCD Monitors

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