LED Screen installation

High quality installation from the LED experts.

We’re proud that the majority of Scanlite displays around the world are installed by us, too. Scanlite has installed tens of thousands of digital signage deployments in various high-traffic facilities like retail, transportation, distribution, manufacturing, education, healthcare, government, hospitality, restaurants and public venues.

No install is too big… Or too small!

The screens we install can be located in multiple locations and controlled on one central device.

The dynamic and diverse designs that can be displayed on the digital signage screens will be sure to capture and hold your audience, whilst indulging in your advert or promotion.

Our excellent installation teams ensure that displays look their very best through our fully qualified engineers.

Our clients don’t just enjoy a quality finish. We work swiftly to get things back to normal and keep mess, disruption and inconvenience to a minimum.

LED Display Screen

High quality installation from the LED experts

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    Maximise Your Audience Reach
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    High Return on Investment
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    Attention-Grabbing Displays
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    Increase Footfall


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