LCD Monitors

LCD Monitors

Compact and cost-effective, Liquid Crystal Displays differ from LED screens in that they essentially work on the principle of blocking light rather than emitting it. That means they can be safely and comfortably viewed from much closer distances, giving them an almost limitless array of uses – including window displays for advertising, freestanding displays at events, or interactive touchscreens for wayfinding or placing orders in shops and restaurants.

Vibrant colours. Needle-sharp images. No afterglow.

With more than four decades of experience behind us here at Scanlite, we have a proven track record of success in creating versatile LCD displays that are distinguished by their energy efficiency, compact build, and modular design – enabling them to be used in a wide range of settings and environments.

LCD Monitors

Why Choose LCD Monitors?

Liquid Crystal Displays work by shining a backlight through liquid crystal molecules, which selectively block the amount of light that reaches the viewer’s eyes, thereby creating the image.

This minimises viewing fatigue at short distances, making LCD displays exceptionally useful for any application that might involve close contact with customers. For example, they’re an excellent choice for displays in more modest spaces, such as smaller or temporary exhibitions. They’re also frequently used for interactive applications, such as menu boards, wayfinding and navigation, or making digital purchases.

Plus, their modular design means they’re simple and easy to install, and can be tailored to fit the demands of almost any venue. They boast a versatile connectivity too, with their standard connections encompassing VGA, HMDI, composite component, DVI and S-video output.

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    Highly Versatile Design
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    Simple And Easy Installation
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    Perfect For Customer Interaction
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    Exceptional Energy Efficiency

Endless Possibilities

Enjoy digital displays without limits. Our innovative modular unit design means we can create digital displays of unlimited size, and guarantee flawless performance on whatever scale you choose. With every screen we manufacture, you can expect real-time processing of any high-quality picture or video, providing brilliant, high-contrast display images – every single time.

Innovative modular design
Incredible quality
Large format displays
Make a bold impression
Indoor Video Displays

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The Manchester Pub


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