Freestanding Displays

Highly versatile indoor freestanding digital displays

Sometimes also referred to as digital kiosks, freestanding digital displays are highly versatile installations that are placed directly on the ground, rather than fixed to a wall or other surface. That makes them particularly useful in areas with high levels of foot traffic (like shopping centres), and they often employ interactive designs to assist in navigation and wayfinding, or providing information, or attracting customers into stores and restaurants.

Vibrant colours. Needle-sharp images. No afterglow.

We make all of our own displays on-site right here at Scanlite, so we can maintain complete control over the quality of the final product. This way, we can guarantee the flawless design and delivery of freestanding digital displays that achieve your specific business objectives.

Freestanding Displays

Why Choose Our Freestanding Digital Displays?

Versatility is one of the key qualities of freestanding digital displays, making them useful in a huge range of settings and environments. They’re highly effective at drawing the gazes of passers-by with creative, engaging advertisements at eye level, or making life easier (and sometimes safer) for your customers by serving as interactive navigational waypoints.

Freestanding digital displays are frequently used for reception areas, giving customers useful information, and helping them to get around the local area (and in some cases, even the building they’re currently standing in). Since the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, they’ve also seen increasing use as hand sanitiser installations, helping people stay hygienic, healthy, and happy.

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    Maximise Your Audience Reach
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    High Return on Investment
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    Creative Branding Opportunities
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    Increase Footfall

Endless Possibilities

Enjoy digital displays without limits. Our innovative modular unit design means we can create digital displays of unlimited size, and guarantee flawless performance on whatever scale you choose. With every screen we manufacture, you can expect real-time processing of any high-quality picture or video, providing brilliant, high-contrast display images – every single time.

Innovative modular design
Incredible quality
Large format displays
Make a bold impression
Freestanding Displays

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Same Day Dentist – Watford Medical


Same Day Dentist own multiple award-winning dental practices across the globe and has recently opened a new practice in Watford.

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