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Digital Display Product Range

Indoor Video Displays

We take pride in manufacturing large format LED video display screens for indoor purposes.

Outdoor Video Displays

Outdoor digital signage is currently the most popular form of advertising in the business industry.

Mobile Digital Signage

Mobile video screens, digital advertising boards, even digital signage that can be mounted on a taxi to earn additional advertising revenue.

Petrol Pricing Displays

With the price of petrol fluctuating so regularly, it is vital that your outdoor signage isn’t just highly visible, but the information should be quick and easy to change too.

Factory Displays

Our electronic LED display signs help you keep your message current, your people informed and your legal obligations met.

Pharmacy Crosses

We manufacture a range of digital displays and signage designed specifically for pharmacies. You can choose from pre-existing designs and custom displays unique to you.

Single Line Displays

From digital tickers to electronic scrolling signs, these particular LED display systems can easily communicate text and other information in a simple yet effective way.

Bi-Line Displays

Similar to our single line displays, our bi-line electronic displays give you two lines to greet, inform and persuade your customers.

Multi-Line Displays

Scanlite’s multi line displays are an eye catching LED digital display which are used for outdoor and indoor applications.

Time & Temperature

Our time and temperature displays can be serving your business and providing your community with information even when you are closed.

Digital Shelf Signage

Digital shelf signage can help retailers manage one of the most challenging operations in retail – maintaining price and promotional accuracy.

Video Walls

Light up your venue with one of our LED video walls. We’re immensely proud of the British craftsmanship behind each of our installations.