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Digital Signage for the Health & Leisure Sector

Digital signage is completely customisable, from the advert you choose to play to the screen size. These adverts can also help to cross-sell other benefits of your facility, some of which your audience may not be aware of. 

Although gyms have proven to be very popular, it is easy to lose motivation and build a “tomorrow” attitude. Digital signage can act as an indirect contact point, where trainers can entertain, engage and inform customers. Your signage will then motivate customers, which will then lead to them returning to your business. The use of attractive and clever content such as personal goals, transformation results and virtual trainers will help members to stay engaged.

The future of fitness centres

Interactive gyms are becoming more motivational.

There has been an increase in demand for training experts, modern equipment and help with developing a healthy lifestyle. The need for health and leisure centres is more essential than ever. Many gyms now offer 24/7 opening times, giving members more flexibility in more ways than one. To stand out from competitors, cut costs and generate new streams of revenue, gyms around the globe are taking on digital signage.

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Welcome prospective members

Walking into any new establishment can be an intimidating experience, especially a gym. To help this, digital signage in reception areas can be used to welcome prospective members. A simple welcome message or helpful video will familiarise and feed information to new customers.

Personal trainer profiles

Creating and displaying personal trainer profiles on your screens is an easy way to promote the calibre of staff. Helping to familiarise gym members can help to upsell their membership and persuade them to attend classes or PT sessions.

Class timetables

Digital displays in a leisure centre allow you to show class schedules and important information, if you need to make a quick change – that is a simple process as well. Using digital signage to display class timetables helps members stay informed and may persuade them to get involved in timetabled events.

Treatment information

Commonly, health and leisure centres offer health and beauty treatments alongside the fitness facilities. Using digital signage in main traffic areas of the centre is important to promote these added extras. Those who use the gym, are the likely target audience for the salon treatments. 

Share success stories

Have you been filled with motivation after seeing a before and after story? Digital signage provides a platform to share success stories in a number of ways. Members willing to get involved may provide their before and after photos that others can admire. Text based interviews work well and our screens accept video format as well.

Digital Signage for Health and Leisure

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