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How can our LED video walls and screens help you?

Our LED video walls are sophisticated pieces of technology that provide a highly effective means of informing, entertaining or advertising to your target audience. With our decades of experience and in-house expertise, here at Scanlite we can provide video wall solutions to suit almost any application or environment. Chances are, you’ve seen one of our displays already – we’ve completed projects for clients across a range of different sectors all over the UK, including sports, retail, and entertainment and arts.

Our LED video wall displays can be scaled up to huge dimensions for stadiums and other large outdoor venues, or arranged creatively to capture the attention of audiences indoors. We use the best in Surface Mounted Device (SMD) technology, enabling our displays to use a full spectrum of colours and state-of-the-art image quality for a truly unrivalled experience. Best of all, it’s all highly efficient, so you can enjoy all the benefits at minimal cost.

digital signage
digital signage

Your in control of the content on our Video Walls

Video walls offer a huge range of ways to engage with your audience. By creatively combining text, video content, and custom graphics, you can communicate sales messages, brand values, and dynamic real time information like climate or weather conditions. They can also be effectively used to introduce the public to the people in your organisation through promotional videos, or keep them informed by streaming live TV. It’s all up to you!

All this content can be easily updated on the fly using our in-house software solutions, allowing you to quickly adapt to changing seasons and market trends. This software effectively commands what each individual LED screen should display, which can be particularly effective with multi-screen video walls. With these, you can choose whether you’d like your content to be shown across the whole display in a single, cohesive image, or split up your content into multi-zone arrangements, giving you more freedom to be creative as you communicate your message in a memorable way.

40 years of experience, and over 40,000 installations complete

With decades of in-house expertise at our disposal, and tens of thousands of completed projects under our belt, we have a deep understanding of how LED video walls and digital digital displays can be used to maximise success across a huge range of sectors. That means you can always rely on us to know the most effective ways to connect with your audience, helping you to fulfil your specific objectives; whether that’s raising awareness for a cause, boosting attendance at your event, or supercharging your sales.

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