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Digital Signage Solutions for Theme Parks

At Scanlite, we are incredibly proud of our work for some of the UK’s most famous and celebrated theme park resorts, such as Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Alton Towers.

LED display technology has endless applications for theme parks – from wayfinding maps, to queue management, to electronic menus and more. Promote special events and seasonal offers across the park on one content management system for maximum impact; engage customers in queues or in attractions with ride videos, music and estimated wait times for other rides.

Wayfinding is absolutely critical for a positive customer experience, particularly as theme parks grow and expand their attractions. Digital signage is the only technology that can be updated at an instant – display ride closures and opening times on an interactive map rather than traditional print based solutions.

Easily communicate with guests across wide areas, while making sure your park’s brand and message shine bright at the same time.

Go big.

In a situation where static signage and other sources of information are fighting to be noticed, going digital remains the best choice. Digital signage offers seamless flexibility that enables for it to be used within all areas of the park.

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Boost Attractions

Cut Perceived Waiting Times

Park Navigation

Interactive Displays

Promote Upgrades

Health & Safety

Event Advertising

Menu Boards

Bring old attractions to life

Studies show that customers tend to overestimate the time they have to spend waiting. This can lead to queue jumping and crowding issues, which happen to be the two biggest complaints at amusement parks. LED digital screens can help to relieve these problems by providing engaging content such as park or ride videos, music, park promotions and estimated wait time as the guests wait in line.

More so than any other solution, digital signage allows amusement parks to easily communicate wayfinding with large crowds of people trying to navigate a large, busy park. When customers have a pleasant experience finding their way around an unfamiliar place, they are more likely to return.

With such a large emphasis on the importance of sales and revenue, it is vital to make use of all sales offers, including upsells, upgrades and add ons. Digital screens effectively inform and promote products, services and events to visitors without being seen as pushy.

Not only can digital signage improve the customers experience, it can also provide health and safety notices around the park. Digital signage can act as an emergency alert system, raising awareness throughout the facility and delivery essential health and safety messages. Through a centrally controlled system, critical information can be pushed out to all digital screens improving the ability to respond to all types of situations. 

Digital signage for health and safety notices are also another way to reduce wait times to make sure all guests are prepared to board the ride or attraction. Without forgetting weather conditions too; digital signage is the perfect tool to help guests plan their visit around the ever changing weather conditions and to notify/warn all customers to be prepared before the weather hits.

Grab their attention

You may have grabbed the customer to pay entry into your theme park, but why stop the advertising there? Using digital signage as a streamlined marketing tool to promote activities and events happening daily around the park. They can also be used to shout about special holidays throughout the year too! Using visually appealing design layouts can make holidays and events seem even more magical. The video and graphic content on the digital screens can be easily customised and updated to fit with your entertainment calendar. 

Grab attention to increase sales and change catering and merchandising information on the fly with our fantastic menu boards. 

In-park amenities such as catering stands, concessions and gift shops are vital for driving extra profits whilst people are inside the park. Strategically placing digital signage around the park really helps to boost sales in these three areas. 

For more information on our extensive range of LED display solutions for theme parks and attractions, contact Scanlite today.

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