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LED Display Boards perfect for night time usage

Scanlite’s multi line displays are an eye catching LED digital display which are used for outdoor and indoor applications.

This display has the added benefit of 2 or 4 lines of LED characters which enables the user to display additional information. 

Increase the traffic coming through your doors with a highly visible, moving message display which allows you to change prices, advertise offers and and promote your brand quickly and safely. Our LED displays are quick and easy to programme, you can change your message as often as you’d like to keep your customers up-to-date with information.

This can be done from a dedicated keypad or by using a Windows based software system, through both wired and wireless connections.

Our multi-line displays are energy efficient and inexpensive to run in comparison to other digital display methods. You can easily display your message 24/7 without harming the environment or running up expensive bills.

All of our multi-line displays can be free standing, wall mounted or suspended. This gives great flexibility for you to find the best place for your digital display.

They’re also great for night time. As the electronic displays include an auto-dim feature for night time use, it will use a minimal amount of energy whilst ensuring that your message remains bright.

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