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Digital signage is key for communication during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With information and government guidance constantly shifting as the situation evolves, it is critical to broadcast important advice efficiently. LED and LCD technology can instantly change messaging as opposed to more traditional forms of printed media.

22″ Hand Sanitiser Advertising Display 8" Facial Recognition Thermometer Display
NEW FOR 2020

22″ Hand Sanitiser
Advertising Display

Contactless Solution

Easy Sanitiser Refill

Integrated Media Player

Hand Sanitiser with integrated display, zoomed

Automatic Dispensing

Integrated Speakers

Optional Floor Stand

Hand Sanitiser Unit

We at Scanlite use this display in our reception area and it has helped to ensure we keep our staff safe and healthy. This hand sanitiser station has the added bonus of a an integrated digital screen as well, allowing you to show advertisements and safety notices.

These displays can be updated using an online CMS portal and are networked as standard. To minimise contact following installation, the system has no external controls or buttons and can turn on and off automatically.

Additional extras:

Can be upgraded to 4G connectivity

Touch screen versions available

Display available in different colours

8″ Facial Recognition
Thermometer Display

Facial Recognition

Thermal Imaging Module

Contactless Solution

Temperature Display

Mask Detection

All-in-One Solution

Check In System

Temperature Display

Our Facial Recognition Display uses thermal imaging technology, in conjunction with cooling fans to maximise accuracy. We have been using this solution in our headquarters and are delighted with it’s ability to display results within 1.8s seconds, even if a member of staff is wearing a mask.

Although this display is small, it is the perfect size to place in reception areas and entrances. With 99.7% identification accuracy, this solution can also be used as a visitor/staff check in system.

Included in the system:

24/7 IPS panel

Dual-lens facial recognition camera

Thermal imaging module

Indication light

Optional RFID/NFC integration

Software to control, record and monitor

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