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Why your business can benefit from using interactive digital signage

These days, branding requires a little more than a static printed sign. That’s where digital signage comes in! Digital signage has become a powerful marketing tool for businesses to utilise to promote their products and services, especially when it’s interactive!

Here at Scanlite, we create customised digital signage solutions for a variety of business sectors. We’re experts in understanding how to use interactive digital signage effectively to boost brand awareness and drive customer engagement – which makes us the perfect people to explore some of the ways interactive digital signage can help give your business a boost.

Interactive signs can boost your engagement

When it comes to digital signage, incorporating interactive elements in your marketing campaigns can make all the difference when it comes to consumer engagement. Interactive elements such as touchscreen motion sensors help to capture onlookers’ attention and hold that attention long enough to increase brand retention. Crucially, it makes that person more likely to remember the information you are presenting them with (and your business as a whole).

Personalised digital experiences stick with your customers

Using interactive digital displays, you can tailor the digital experience to each individual, delivering more relevant information to each consumer based on their preferences, which in turn will enhance the overall experience for them. This type of digital signage is commonly used in airports, hotels, malls, and retail stores. However, any business can easily apply these same principles. A moving interactive screen is always going to be more enticing and helpful than a printed sign to any onlooker, potential customer or passerby.

Easier real-time data collection to enhance your marketing strategies

Interactive digital signs offer an innovative and effective method for collecting real-time data from an audience. They enable the accurate measurement of valuable information, such as audience demographics, browsing behaviour, and engagement levels. This data can be used to refine marketing strategies, target specific audience groups, and increase the chances of campaign success by allowing you to reach the right people.

Increase the versatility of your marketing

Like anything else in life, it’s always good to have variety, and marketing is no different. In fact, it’s even more particularly important to vary your marketing. Using different marketing strategies allows you to reach a wider audience and also to test which techniques work best for your particular business or company and the objective you’re looking to reach. By utilising various styles of content, including interactive content, you can keep your marketing tactics fresh and engaging, which increases the likelihood of capturing and retaining your chosen audience’s attention.

If you’re interested in adding interactive digital signage to your marketing strategy, you’re in exactly the right place. At Scanlite, we have over 40 years of experience with digital signage. We offer a variety of display screens that can be customised to suit the needs and locations of your business. To learn more about how we can help level up your marketing, give us a call at 01253 302723 or send an email to