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How your digital signage can capitalise on New Years Resolutions

As we begin the New Year, businesses have an excellent opportunity to connect with their audience’s aspirations through digital signage. It’s important to understand what matters most to people, especially during the resolution-setting season.

At Scanlite, we know the significance of this time and want to help you make the most of your digital screens. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the ways in which screens can play a vital role in helping people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions.

What are your audience looking for?

Understanding your audience’s goals is one of the most fundamental first steps for effectively utilising New Year’s resolutions, by doing do it helps you to align your digital signage content strategy with their objectives, and provide support and encouragement. Popular resolutions may include fitness, quitting smoking, exploring nature, and travelling. These goals are all perfect candidates for being promoted through digital signage, displaying relevant information and motivational messages. Incorporating these resolutions into your digital signage strategy, you can engage your audience and help them achieve their aims. Let’s take a closer look at these example resolutions in closer detail.

Getting people to the gym

With the new year just passed, many members of your audience will have made resolutions to improve their health and wellness. You can help them achieve their goals by using digital signage as a powerful tool to promote local gyms, fitness classes, and wellness events.

Digital signage can be used to create engaging and interactive content that guides individuals through workout routines, offers nutritional tips, and fosters a sense of community around fitness goals. This can help you to enhance viewer engagement and provide individuals with the motivation they need to stay on track.

Whether you’re a gym owner, fitness instructor, or wellness coach, digital signage can help you reach a wider audience and connect with people who are passionate about health and fitness. By investing in digital signage, businesses can create a lasting impact on individuals looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Helping others quit smoking

If you’re looking for effective ways to support your customers in their resolution to quit smoking, digital signage can be a powerful tool. Incorporating motivational messages, success stories, and information about support programs on your screens, you can create a supportive environment that encourages positive health behaviours.

Utilising digital signage in your workplace, healthcare facility, or community centre, you can demonstrate your commitment to promoting health and wellness initiatives to your target audience. You can offer tips on how to quit smoking, display statistics on the benefits of quitting, and provide information on local support groups and cessation programs. Not only does this show your dedication to creating a healthy and supportive environment, but it also demonstrates your commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Encourage people to take that holiday

If you’re looking to inspire people to travel and explore new cultures, your digital signage can be a powerful tool. You can showcase exciting travel deals and highlight destination highlights to create anticipation for upcoming adventures. Your screens can become virtual travel agencies, offering discounted airfares and exclusive accommodation packages to entice viewers!

Captivating visuals and snippets of iconic landmarks can be used to immerse your audience in the beauty of far-off destinations (or maybe even ones closer to home). Your digital signage can also offer practical travel tips, such as packing essentials, cultural nuances, and must-try local experiences. Integrating interactive maps and curated itineraries, you can turn your screens into dynamic tools for travel planning that encourage your customers to take that final jump into booking their trip.

At Scanlite we have over 40 years of experience in digital displays and are well-versed in the various ways they can help your audience achieve their New Year’s resolutions. To learn more about how we can assist your business, feel free to call us at 01253 302723 or email us at We’re always ready to help!