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How seasonal changes affect digital signage

If you’ve kept an eye on the marketing strategies of competitor brands, you’ll quickly notice how they change throughout the year. Spring might see pastel-coloured leaflets posted through your door to advertise open-air events, while come winter your inbox is full of red and green-themed emails – and did someone say hot chocolate? In short, it’s common practice for the way you communicate with customers to reflect different times of the year.

At Scanlite, we’ve been creating digital signage for UK brands for over 40 years, so we’ve seen a lot of summers and winters in the industry! This has given us a keen insight into seasonal changes, allowing us to look deeper into just how brands shake things up as the weather turns. Now, we’re going to share some of what we’ve found with you so that you can use it in your campaigns.

Shopping trends fluctuate

From the offset, it’s crucial to note that shopping trends fluctuate throughout the year, and this has a direct impact on how our clients use their digital signage. In January, for example, it’s all about the New Year sales as consumers are on the hunt for bargains. During the summer season, you’ll see more travel-themed marketing and bold colours while winter is all about those cosy aesthetics.

Shopping trends can vary in local areas, too. If your location, for example, sees a lot of tourism during the summer months, your digital signage might include a map to your location as you try to catch the tourist market.

Peak seasons for marketing

Every year, there are certain times when brands really want their digital signage to stand out. These are weeks or months when you see an increase in target market interest and sales, making your digital campaigns more valuable than ever.

It’s crucial to note that these times of year aren’t the same for every business. To find out when you should be investing the most in your digital signage, we recommend utilising analytics. Unravel the data from your business to work out when there’s an uptick in clicks on your website or in-person sales, and if this is a yearly event then you know it’s a season to focus on.

Occasions and events

A massive factor that can affect digital signage is an annual event. Some of these are obvious, like Christmas and New Year’s, when shopping hits a high and brands want to take advantage of increased footfall. Others can be more specific to the business itself.

A bicycle company, for example, may put more effort into their digital signage when there are nationwide or global cycling events, like the Tour de France. They know that these televised sporting occasions spark an interest in cycling amongst consumers, and they’ll adapt their digital signage to reflect that.

Digital signage is a versatile, dynamic tool that adapts to the seasons, creating marketing campaigns that work all year long. If you’re interested in using it for your business, our team at Scanlite are here to help. Let us know your questions or discover the right signage for your brand by giving us a call at 01253 302 723. We’re always happy to chat!