Dynamic LED Scrolling Displays

Dynamic LED Scrolling Displays

If your messages are short and simple, our tickers and line displays are just what you need. They’re perfect for concise, single-line messages, as well as any ongoing live data such as the headlines in news or sports, stock markets, or social media feeds. Our seven-segment dot-matrix displays and single line displays are built around a modular system, so they can be made to fit any size.

Scrolling LED signs with clear, legible information, razor-sharp definition & no afterglow.

We use sophisticated technology and highly advanced manufacturing techniques to create energy-efficient scrolling LED displays that can effortlessly keep your customers up to speed – on-site at your premises or off-site at conference halls or special event venues.

Dynamic LED Scrolling Displays

Why Choose Our Indoor Tickers and Line Displays?

Compact and modular, our scrolling LED displays are highly versatile digital displays that can be easily installed in a huge range of environments, keeping onlookers up to date on the latest news, stock market figures, social media feeds, and more.

Take your pick from a variety of colours, and display your message 24 hours a day with auto-dim features that reduce any unnecessary expenditure – helping to save the planet, and of course, helping to save you money on energy bills. These features also facilitate reduced energy usage during night hours, without reducing the impact of your message. In short, it gives you the best quality of brightness for the very best value.

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    Vibrant And Versatile
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    Compact and Modular
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    Energy Efficient
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    Environmentally Friendly

LED Scrolling Displays with Endless Possibilities

Enjoy digital displays without limits. Our innovative modular unit design means we can create digital displays of unlimited size, and guarantee flawless performance on whatever scale you choose. With every screen we manufacture, you can expect real-time processing of any high-quality picture or video, providing brilliant, high-contrast display images – every single time.

Innovative modular design
Incredible quality
Large format displays
Make a bold impression
Tickers and Line Displays

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