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5 handy uses for LED digital signage in sports stadiums

Sports stadiums are a fantastic setting for digital signage, as they present a unique environment that can foster a variety of scenarios in which LED digital signage could be put to good use. Gone are the days of chalk board score keeping – LED digital signage gives your audience a fresh perspective with the option to display real time data, dynamic advertising and even interactive options for game-goers.

Our work has already helped to elevate the match day experience for fans of sporting giants like Manchester City FC, and Liverpool FC, and our LED digital signage solutions aren’t just taking information presentation to a new level of engagement and showmanship in these locations.

Here are a few of the different ways that digital signage can help boost your sports stadium experience.

Advertising networks

It’s no secret that advertising is a great source of revenue. With digital LED signage, you give your clients the option to display their messages using videos, as well as dynamic graphics and statistics. Generally it’s far more engaging from a visual perspective than physical banners – which can sometimes get a bit weather-worn!

The real value however comes in the form of strategic digital advertising. The trick to this is to implement your LED digital signage in key areas within your stadium where they’ll get the most exposure (think food stands, urinals and information kiosks for example). Essentially, when it comes to advertising, it’s all about creating engaging content that audiences won’t forget, and LED digital signage is a great way to achieve this.

Help you find your way

Let’s be honest – stadiums are big. So big in fact that they can actually be a little overwhelming for people who are visiting for the first time, and it’s pretty easy to get lost trying to navigate your way from your parking spot to your seat with nothing but the force to guide you in such a vast location. LED digital signage can help alleviate this problem – by adding dynamic way-finding signage to your stadium, you can reduce traffic outside by making it clear which way people need to go, and help bring a sense of calm and order to a busy match day.

Real-time data

Sport is constantly evolving, as is the technology we use to present it. Real-time data and analysis is a key aspect of stadium sports in the modern day; score keeping, substitutions, match facts, VAR and so on, all play a big part in how we view live sport. With LED digital signage, you can ensure that the audience is seeing the most relevant and up-to-date information throughout the match, allowing you to engage with today’s audience in ways you never could before. Action replays, dynamic graphics, and live updates are all way more interesting to look at than the humble chalk board.

Menu boards

It seems like a very stereotypical American tradition to want to buy a hot-dog and a beer while the game is on, but it’s something we’ve enthusiastically adopted here in the UK. As a result, food kiosks and menu boards have quickly become a staple on match day, but not all menu boards are created equal.

It’s no secret that food and beverage sales are key aspects of driving profit for venues, so you’ll want to advertise your food stands in the most effective manner possible! LED digital signage helps to boost sales with graphic presentations, and reduced operating costs. Plus, it eliminates the need for disposable menus that are regularly discarded.

Visibility at concerts

It’s not just sporting events that take place in stadiums either. During the off season, it’s very common for venues to get hired out for live music events, stand up comedy events, and even political rallies. People pay a lot of money to attend these events, and it’s difficult for them to feel a part of the action if they’re sat in a seat that only has a partial view of the act. This is where digital signage saves the day – by positioning screens around the stadium, you can ensure that everyone in the building has a view of what’s going on. That way, nobody feels left out!

These are just a few of the fantastic benefits that your stadium can gain from implementing LED Digital signage. Here at Scanlite, we know our digital signage solutions inside out, including the many ways in which it can be used to achieve your goals as a business, so if you have any questions or just want some advice, feel free to give us a call today on 01253 302723, or email us on

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