Frighteningly good ways LED screens can boost Halloween sales

It’s October, and that means one thing… Halloween is upon us! So, given it’s the spookiest time of year, what better time to make the most of our LED digital signage? Inject a bit of humour, creativity and Halloween fun to your advertising, and you’ll set the right seasonal tone to persuade people that your establishment is the place to be during the scary season. Regardless of your trade, whether you’re in hospitality, retail, or entertainment, our LED digital signage can help you take your advertisement to scary new heights this Halloween!

Interactive experiences

Halloween is a fantastic opportunity for you to get creative with some Halloween themed advertising. Think jump scares, spooky offers, and Halloween themed visuals – they’re all good ways of creating effective advertisements to get people into your business this October!
Children in particular love a visually stimulating experience, so if you can attract their attention, you can be sure that the parents will follow. For instance, anything that involves any reference to trick or treating and sweets, you’re on to a winner.

Halloween themed humour

People love to laugh, and providing them with a funny advertising joke, or play on words, are great ways to make your message stick in the minds of potential customers. If you’re looking at it from a retail perspective, Halloween themed phrases accompanied by a stimulating visual graphic can be an effective way of drawing in customers. Think something like: “We’re slashing our prices” with an animation of a cleaver cutting through the text. Yes, we know it’s cheesy, but it fits with the tongue in cheek theme of the season!

Scarily easy to update and adapt

There are a wide variety of advertising factors that you need to take into account when preparing for Halloween. If you work in the hospitality sector, you’ll need to adapt things like menu items, specials, drinks offers, and promotional materials to reflect the season if you’re going to profit from the Halloween period. LED advertising screens are by far the quickest and most efficient way of advertising your products and services. They allow you to create social engagement with your customers through dynamic advertisements, pictures of your products and social media tags.

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to utilise all the unique features that LED digital displays can offer your business. According to studies, businesses can achieve a noticeably higher customer satisfaction rate if they can show they’re active in social media, and actively engage their customers online. So, by using our LED screens to provide your customers with a visually stimulating advert, you’re far more likely to make sales.

So, if you’re looking to make frighteningly effective impact on your Halloween advertising this year, we can help. Plus, if you’re not quite ready to commit to purchasing an LED display screen with us, we offer a reliable LED signage hire service that you can use to add a temporary boost to your advertising!

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