Why include digital signage as part of your festival set-up?

Festival season is right around the corner, so if you’re an events organiser, you’ll probably be thinking of what you need to add to your festival set-up to ensure your attendees have the best time. Food stalls, entertainment and quality facilities are all staples of the festival scene, however, digital signage can serve a valuable (and sometimes under-appreciated) role in the proceedings too!

Whether you’re hosting a festival or any other outdoor event, outdoor digital signage can be an incredibly valuable addition to your layout – for example, it’s great for displaying helpful information to attendees and providing a dynamic platform from which your advertisers can show their campaigns. Here at Scanlite, we’ve been providing our clients with digital signage for over 40 years, and to date we’ve completed over 40,000 LED digital signage installations for a variety of different sectors, including outdoor events! So, here are just a few of the reasons why our digital signage is worth adding to your festival set-up.

Grab attendees’ attention

One of the biggest benefits of digital signage is its ability to grab people’s attention. Due to its vibrant, colourful displays and moving images, digital signage is far more eye-catching than traditional static signs or banners, and this can be particularly useful at a festival where there’s likely to be a lot of visual noise competing for attendees’ attention. Using digital signage can help ensure that your messaging stands out and gets noticed. Whether it’s an advertisement for a food and drink stall, or information about an upcoming act, digital signage is a really effective way to get your message across to festival attendees in an engaging way.

Provide important information

Let’s be honest, festivals can be chaotic – with lots of people moving around and various events happening simultaneously, digital signage can be used to provide important information such as schedules, maps, directions, and other details that attendees may need to know. Placing digital signage in strategic locations can help attendees navigate the festival and ensure they don’t miss anything important. This can be particularly useful when displaying flash deals on things like food, drink and merchandise, as this can help merchants with selling off excess stock at short notice. (Particularly handy in the closing hours of your festival!)

Create a dynamic atmosphere

Digital signage can help create a dynamic atmosphere at your festival. Moving images and animations can create a sense of excitement and energy that can help make the festival more memorable. You can also use digital signage to display user-generated content such as photos or social media posts, further adding to the festival’s lively atmosphere. What’s more, a digital screen can be a great way of displaying acts to those who are a stood a bit further back from the stage. This allows everyone to get a good view of the on-stage entertainment, ensuring everyone has an equally enjoyable experience.

Essentially, there are many good reasons to include digital signage as part of your festival set-up. From grabbing attention to providing important information, digital signage can be an incredibly valuable addition to your event. If you’re interested in adding some digital signage to your festival set-up, that’s where we can help.

Here at Scalite, we tailor each of our solutions to the specific requirements of the job. With more than 40 years of experience behind us, we know our digital signage inside out, including the many ways in which it can be used to achieve your goals as a business. To find out more how we can help you, feel free to give us a call today on 01253 302723, or email us at Let’s kickstart your success this year!

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