Outdoor Bespoke Displays

Bespoke Outdoor Displays

Looking for something unique? Or perhaps you’ve got a particularly specialised environment or application in mind, and no other digital display seems to quite fit the bill? Whatever your vision, we can make it a reality here at Scanlite. With more than four decades of experience to our name, and highly advanced materials and manufacturing facilities at our disposal, you can trust us to create a bespoke display that suits you down to the ground.

Vibrant colours. Needle-sharp images. No afterglow.

Drawing on more than 40 years of specialist expertise, we have a proven track record of creating unique digital displays designed to a varied range of specifications – so whether you want your digital display to be large or small, flexible or curved, or seen by small audiences or crowds of thousands, you can always trust Scanlite to deliver.

Bespoke Displays

Why Choose Our Bespoke Digital Displays?

We know the technology behind our digital displays inside-out, and our experts all have an intricate understanding of exactly how our products can be used to achieve a wide variety of commercial objectives – so whatever application you have in mind for your own bespoke digital display, you can rely on us to help you achieve it.

You don’t need to know every detail of your display’s specifications before you approach us – if you’ve got any questions, or need any assistance or advice, our team are always happy to help. With the wealth of expertise at our disposal, we can help you perfect the finer details of your project, so that you can have total peace of mind that your bespoke digital display will deliver on your specific business goals.

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    High Return on Investment

Endless Possibilities

Enjoy digital displays without limits. Our innovative modular unit design means we can create digital displays of unlimited size, and guarantee flawless performance on whatever scale you choose. With every screen we manufacture, you can expect real-time processing of any high-quality picture or video, providing brilliant, high-contrast display images – every single time.

Innovative modular design
Incredible quality
Large format displays
Make a bold impression
Outdoor Bespoke Displays

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The Manchester Pub

The Manchester Pub


The Manchester is a Stonegate owned venue on the Iconic Blackpool Promenade, with DJ’s, Live music, Live sport and incredible deals.

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