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LED Digital Pharmacy Signs & Pharmacy Crosses

Vibrant, efficient and built-to-last, LED Digital Pharmacy Crosses and Signs provide the perfect way to draw the attention of passers-by, helping to bring greater footfall to your business.

With more than four decades of experience behind us, we use state-of-the-art materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to create our displays, giving you a variety of options to choose from – ranging from straightforward pharmacy crosses or signs to even more sophisticated displays that provide practical information to your audience.

Research shows that displays containing actionable or useful information are often exceptionally memorable for passers-by, making them even more valuable for boosting footfall to your premises.

Maximum exposure for your pharmacy at minimal cost with high impact signs.

Our digital pharmacy signs utilise super-bright LEDs to draw the attention of your customers, even under intense sunlight, so that they’re easily legible at any time of day. They’re also designed to be highly energy efficient, with a robust construction that requires very little upkeep – so you can enjoy the benefits of maximum exposure for your pharmacy with minimal costs involved.

Why Choose Pharmacy Crosses?

With a range of different display options available, LED digital pharmacy crosses offer you a variety of ways to connect with your customers, communicating key messages or useful information to draw them into your premises. You can use your digital pharmacy cross to show the time, date, temperature, or other pictures or custom messages. (For example, you could use it to highlight your opening or closing times, or available stock levels of certain products or medicines.) These displays can be easily updated too, so you can adapt to changing trends and customer demands.

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    Increase Footfall
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    High Return on Investment
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    Exceptional Energy Efficiency

Enjoy digital displays without limits

With the breadth and depth of expertise at our disposal here at Scanlite, we’re able to tailor your display to ensure that it’s the perfect fit for your chosen environment and application. You can take your pick from several sizes when it comes to our pharmacy crosses, and we can also customise the size and other key characteristics of our financial tickers, and time & temperature displays. With every display we manufacture, you can always expect a bright and vibrant design, as well as efficient running costs – making it an efficient and effective choice for your business, every time.

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Pharmacy Crosses

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