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How LED screens were the true stars of the Euros

The Euros has been packed with drama so far, even if England’s performance has been widely agreed to be a little lacklustre. That’s not to say there weren’t highlights though – not least Jude Bellingham’s late-gate bicycle kick that was so spectacular that a journalist broke off mid-interview to celebrate. Of course, everyone’s got their own opinion of the stars this year – but there’s no questioning the role that one underappreciated party have played this year. It is, of course, LED screens.

LED screens bring us together

There are of course a huge number of us who prefer to enjoy football in the comfort of our own homes, nestled on the sofa. For countless people though, he world’s most popular sport is a spectacle that’s best enjoyed with company – that’s why stadiums exist, after all. Of course, the UEFA European Football Championship has a global audience, and a staggeringly large one at that. The UEFA final in 2021 recorded a cumulative audience of over 5 billion. That’s more than half the world’s population.

What’s more, a sizeable proportion of that audience will have been watching outdoors, on outdoor digital displays just like the ones we supply here at Scanlite. And that’s because when it comes right down to it, for lots of people it’s about more than just the sport. It’s about the community, the emotional highs and lows, making a day of it with family and friends. It’s about enjoying the silly or surprising stuff – experiences that are heightened when you enjoy them with other people, whether trusted friends or complete strangers.

We’ve seen examples of it this year already – from the shock of Bellingham’s late-game goal we touched on above, or Albania scoring the fastest goal in Euros history, or even the controversial Mistiano Penaldo caption. All are moments that can be intense enough when alone or in a small group, but when experienced in large crowds, unexpected goals can become transcendent – second only to being at a stadium.

Not just that, but it’s worth remembering that it’s a technology that’s allowed countless people to enjoy the game in pixel-perfect detail – a feat not always possible in decades past. Even modern televisions aren’t able to compete with the sheer scale of an outdoor digital screen, which again goes some way to further heightening the experience.

With all that in mind, whatever the results bring this year, it’s easy to see why LED screens are so valuable to tournaments like the Euros – and no doubt will be for many years to come.

Our outdoor LED screens at Scanlite

With more than 40 years of experience behind us here at Scanlite, we’re no strangers to installing large-format digital displays ourselves – and when it comes to sports, we know exactly how valuable they can be to fans. We designed, supplied and installed tens of thousands of projects for clients all over the UK and beyond, using our own in-house expertise and facilities to produce them on-site. That way, we’re able to maintain complete control over the entire process, so you can always be assured of an outstanding display that suits your requirements down to the ground.

For more information, don’t hesitate to check out our page on stadium digital displays right here on our site – or if you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to give our team a call on 01253 302 723. We’re here to help!

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