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5 key questions to ask yourself when choosing an LED digital display

A new LED digital display is a big investment for your business, so it’s one that you’ll naturally spend a reasonable amount of time deliberating over. After all, when it comes to LED digital signage, you won’t want one that’s just ‘good enough’. When you’re making an investment on this scale, you’ll want to end up with something that’s perfectly suited to the needs of your organisation, tailored towards your specific commercial goals.

That’s something we’ll always be able to help with here at Scanlite; our team are here to answer all your questions in as much or as little detail as you need. But if you’re still in the initial stages of your decision, you can save yourself a lot of time by working out your own answers to these questions!

Where are you planning to install your digital display board?

This perhaps one of the single most important questions to ask yourself, as the response will effectively answer a whole lot of smaller, equally important questions too. For example, will the screen be indoors, or outdoors? That’s going to affect the level of resistance it will need to have against inclement weather such as heavy rain, and possibly against other factors such as sea spray.

Once you’ve worked out the location for your LED advertising display, you’ll next need to think about exactly how high off the ground it will need to be, which will affect the ideal viewing distance for onlookers. The answers to all these questions will then help you make a firm decision on exactly how big or small your screen will need to be, and what pixel pitch will be appropriate for the level of detail you want to convey.

What purpose will your digital signage serve?

This is another equally important question. On a very basic level, the answer is simple: the purpose of your LED signage is to display your content to viewers. But what you’ve got to consider is: what’s the nature of that content?

Are you simply looking for an LED advertising board to promote your product, service, or event? Or are you using it to provide them with useful information, like times, dates or schedules? Perhaps you’re planning on using it to entertain, or to tell them more about their surroundings, or build stronger relationships with your customers by introducing them to your team or core values. You don’t have to narrow your options to just a single one of these, but the more specific you can be, the easier it will be to narrow down your choices with regards to exactly what screen you need.

Who are you planning to target with LED advertising displays?

If you’ve answered the above two questions already, you probably have a fairly good idea of which LED screen to choose. You’ll need to have this one answered before you make a final decision though, because your answer needs to be aligned to the decisions you’ve made already. If you’re planning on targeting your content to sports fans for example, one of the best options will be an outdoor screen with a larger pixel pitch, installed inside (or in close proximity to) sports stadiums.

If you’re targeting businesspeople or commuters on the other hand, it’s worth considering installing your digital advertising display in a major transit hub, like a train or bus station. You’ll also need to think about what your target audience are likely to be doing when they see your display, and how much time they’ll have. LED displays in museums can afford to be smaller and much more detailed, as audiences will be wandering round the space at their leisure. Commuters on the other hand are much more likely in a hurry when they see your display, so you’ll need to keep your content short, sharp and eye-catching. In fact, speaking of content, it’s also worth asking…

What type of content are you planning to display?

All your decisions so far will inform your answer to this question. Once you know where your screen is going, what you’re using it for and who you’re targeting, the next logical question is to think about exactly how you’re going to reach them. If they might be willing to slow down or stop for a video feed – or if it’s specifically your content they’ve come to see – then HD or 4K video might be an idea.

If they’re on the move to a set destination on the other hand, such as their next train or bus, then they’ll find a lot of value in concise, informative content like departure times and schedules, and content like LED tickers for rolling news or imminent events. If your target audience is out shopping on the other hand, you can afford to be a little more experimental and playful with your content, as they’ll be even more open to new experiences. (In fact, we’ve got quite a few specific suggestions on the best ways to get the most out of your digital and retail signage!)

So, that’s all the important questions covered. But if you need any more help, that’s exactly what we’re here for at Scanlite. Our digital signage displays are used across a wide array of sectors, giving us a great breadth and depth of expertise – so whatever queries you need addressing, you can trust us to have the answers! Feel free to give us a call today on 01253 302723, or email us on