Content inspiration for your gym’s digital signage

It’s that time of year again. A little indulgence in the excesses of Christmas can leave many of us a little more aware of our general fitness levels after the event, and the first few months of the year are when gym memberships tend to soar, as people sign up for their New Year’s Resolutions. We all know that scientifically, many of these resolutions tend to fail – so the question for you is, how do you ensure that you can keep your customers engaged enough not to be discouraged?

Now obviously, your LED digital signage is going to be a big factor here. Unlike certain other sectors, a gym is a somewhat unique environment in that many customers are actively looking for something to keep them distracted from what might otherwise be fairly monotonous tasks (such as walking on treadmills). So it’s not necessarily capturing your customers’ attention that’s the biggest challenge here – it’s to recognise what they might be looking for and how best to provide it. With that in mind, here are some of our top suggestions!

Advertisements for classes, or class timetables

One of the single most valuable things to communicate to your customers is what you have to offer them. That’s why class advertisements and timetables will always be a good place to start. It tells them what’s on, and when – including perhaps a few classes or sessions they might not find at your competitors’ facilities.

It’s a good way to get the attention of guests who might be using your gym for a single specific purpose, like swimming or martial arts. Don’t forget that not everyone in the gym will already be a customer – you might be able to capture the attention of parents dropping their children off for their own junior classes. (Clearly publishing timetables may even occasionally help viewers to avoid turning up in the wrong time and place, which can save you from a whole lot of ire if they happen to miss the memo.)

Exposures or advertisements for personal trainers

Different people use different approaches to get fit. Some people find classes work pretty well for them for example, whereas others tend to benefit most from a one-to-one approach. Advertisements for personal trainers in your gym can therefore end up paying dividends, by giving your customers access to a particularly effective options for achieving their fitness goals. People who are committed to personal training are more likely to renew their gym memberships, and as an extra bonus, using LED digital signage in this way also does a great job of introducing your staff, helping you to build customer relationships.

Special offers or loyalty programmes

This one is perhaps a bit of a no-brainer, but worth mentioning regardless. Again, it’s all about establishing what makes your gym different. For example, you may have great deals to offer your customers on nutritional supplements, or protein powder, or discounted personal training sessions. Take care to make liberal use of limited-time offers, as this can provide your customers with the burst of motivation they need to get themselves into good habits, and continue focusing on their fitness goals well into the New Year. In fact, speaking of…

Local success stories

Let’s be honest, motivation is a big struggle for people going to the gym. Optimistically, only a fraction of us tend to be successful at keeping our New Year’s Resolutions, so using your LED digital screens for a bit of can-do spirit will never go amiss. One excellent way to do this is by building on your class or personal trainer ads above, and featuring pictures or interviews with some of your customers to create some aspirational success stories.

A key point here – the customers you feature don’t necessarily have to be young, fit people who can now bench press a Toyota Hilux. All you need are people who’ve achieved their aims, or are continuing to do so, and are happy and healthy. It can be tempting to put picture-perfect people on your screens, but they may not make up the majority of your clientele. Keeping things relatable is the key to connecting with your customers – if they don’t feel what’s being shown is relevant to them, then it will fail in its primary aim.

These are all just a few of our suggestions – you might well have plenty of your own! If you’ve got any questions though, or you need a bit of expert advice, we’re only too happy to help here at Scanlite. We’ve got a few additional ideas you might find useful on our general post about content inspiration for your LED signage. It’s definitely worth checking out!

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