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How to maximise success with video walls

Like all LED displays, video walls can be powerful tools to connect with your audience, capturing their attention and helping to turn them into loyal customers. However, in order to maximise their potential, it’s important to deploy them with a solid, well-considered strategy. With more than 40 years behind us here at Scanlite, we’re well-versed ourselves in some of the most effective ways to use video walls – so if you’re looking for some inspiration, you’re in exactly the right place.


1. How video walls can maximise efficiency

In addition to their obvious aesthetic appeal, video walls can significantly enhance operational efficiency, whether they’re deployed externally to customers and the wider public, or internally to staff and company employees. Choosing the right technology, such as LED or LCD displays, ensures optimal performance based on factors like viewing distance, ambient lighting conditions, and content requirements. What’s more, integrating video walls with existing digital systems allows for seamless updates and real-time information dissemination, enabling you to streamline communication and improve decision-making processes.

For instance, in a retail environment, strategically placed video walls can serve multiple functions simultaneously, such as displaying promotional content, providing wayfinding information, and enhancing the overall shopping experience. In an office environment on the other hand, they can be used to disseminate key messages and updates, such as company-wide meetings, or reminders about important upcoming events or visits.

2. Dynamic displays to enhance engagement

One of the key advantages of video walls is their ability to captivate and engage audiences through dynamic displays. Incorporating interactive features such as touch capabilities or motion sensors can widen their possibilities even further, helping to create immersive experiences that encourage audience interaction and participation. It’s also worth taking extra care to personalise content wherever possible, so that it aligns with specific demographics or preferences. That can help to ensure that messages resonate with viewers, fostering deeper connections and increasing engagement levels.

For example, in a museum setting, a video wall displaying interactive historical timelines or virtual tours can educate and engage visitors of all ages, providing an enriching experience beyond traditional static exhibits.

3. Content is king when it comes to video walls

Compelling content lies at the heart of successful video wall deployments. Visual storytelling techniques, such as leveraging vibrant imagery and compelling narratives, help capture viewer attention and enhance message retention. It’s also key to make sure that you’re regularly updating the content – that ensures that it’s always fresh and relevant, helping to keep your audiences engaged and informed. By aligning content strategies with business objectives and audience preferences, you can maximise the impact of their video wall investments and strengthen their brand presence.

In a corporate environment, for instance, video walls can be used during conferences or presentations to display real-time data visualisations, company achievements, and upcoming initiatives, fostering transparency and keeping employees motivated and informed.

4. Careful placement means maximum impact

As we touched upon in our introduction, strategic placement of video walls plays a crucial role in optimising their effectiveness. Considerations such as visibility, accessibility, and environmental factors (e.g., ambient lighting, viewing angles) are essential in determining where to position video walls for maximum impact. Placing video walls in high-traffic areas or key focal points within a space ensures maximum exposure and engagement, while addressing architectural elements and spatial constraints helps maintain visibility and clarity of displayed content.

For instance, in a trade show or event setting, strategically placing video walls near entrances or main stages can attract attention and serve as central hubs for delivering event schedules, sponsor messages, and live social media feeds, enhancing attendee experience and engagement.

Those are just some of the most universal tips – if you need any more specific advice, or you’re ready to assemble a video wall of your own, you’re in exactly the right place. We tailor each of our solutions to your specific requirements here at Scanlite, and with more than four decades of experience behind us, we know our digital signage solutions inside out. To find out more how we can help you, feel free to give us a call today on 01253 302723. We’re always happy to help!

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