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4 often underestimated uses of digital signage for healthcare

Digital signage has a diverse range of benefits for the healthcare sector, as we’ve detailed before here at Scanlite. Beyond their obvious benefits though, they also have a variety of specific useful applications in healthcare environments, especially doctors’ waiting rooms and hospitals. What’s more, the value of those applications can often be underestimated – so we thought that this week on the blog, we’d take a moment to highlight them!

Patient Education

Digital signage can present immensely valuable opportunities for patient education, especially since it enables the use of colourful graphics and animations to present this information in an engaging, memorable way. That makes it useful for providing essential information on common ailments or specific conditions – including key info on preventative care, treatment options, medications, post-treatment care, and even lifestyle recommendations to minimise the chances of resurgence.

Staff Communication

In hospitals, specialised treatment centres and similarly large facilities, digital signage can be used to streamline staff communication by effectively delivering information on new announcements, upcoming training schedules, and important updates. It can also keep staff informed about certain trends or influxes of specific conditions, and which safety measures (if any) need to be taken. For example, a hospital seeing a spike in patients with a particularly transmissible ailment might choose to use its signs to warn staff about some of the most common signs, and what PPE may be required before they can effectively deal with the situation.

Queue Management

This might seem like a very small thing, but it can make a massive difference to the stress levels of patients and staff alike. Digital signage can be effectively used to efficiently manage patient queues by displaying real-time updates on waiting times, and the order of appointments – reducing the risk of patient frustration (especially if they are in particular pain or discomfort).

Managing patients’ expectations can help give them a realistic idea of when they can be seen, which may cut down on the danger of confrontations occurring with staff.

Multilingual Support

Digital signage can be particularly helpful in diverse areas (such as city centres) which can often be home to populations with various first languages. New arrivals in the UK, or those who may otherwise be still learning the language for whatever reason, can also sometimes struggle to understand the relatively complex language involved in health appointments and medical advice. That means digital signage can be useful for translating key concepts or terminology, giving patients an initial understanding that can then serve as the basis for more detailed conversations with healthcare professionals.

Those are just a couple of our own ideas – if you’re in the healthcare industry yourself, you may be able to think of several of your own! Whatever the case, you can count on us to accommodate you here at Scanlite. With more than 40 years of experience to our name, we know our digital displays inside out, including the many ways in which they can be used to achieve your goals as a business. Find out more about how we can help your business by giving us a call today on 01253 302723, or email us at We’re always happy to help!