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4 winter events perfect for reaching audiences with digital signage

One of the key defining qualities of digital signage is its versatility, enabling it to be effectively used in a wide variety of different environments, to achieve a broad array of different objectives. And while winter may not be popular with everyone due to the cold and miserable weather it tends to bring, there’s no question that it also brings a whole range of new opportunities to effectively deploy digital signage. Here, we’re taking a look at just five of the most high-profile!

Christmas retail

This is one of the most obvious applications for digital signage, and obviously it’s something we talk quite a lot about here at Scanlite. Digital signage can do wonders in increasing conversions around Christmas, especially if you begin by setting clear goals, and using them as the basis of a clearly-defined strategy that identifies your target audience, reaches them at the right time and place, and uses smart, engaging content to deliver your message.  

Winter festivals and markets

Closely related to Christmas retail, if you’re based in or around a major city (Manchester or Liverpool for example), the annual Christmas markets may be a key item on your agenda. Digital screens can be helpful for distinguishing your organisation from particularly intense seasonal competition, or for getting messages out to an especially wide audience – somewhat notoriously, Christmas markets can always be packed full of crowds.  

Alongside Christmas markets, winter light switch-ons can also be useful venues for digital signage. The big event itself is the kind of thing everyone wants to get a good view of, so digital signage and video screens can help to ensure that everyone is able to see no matter where they’re sat – making the entire event even more pleasant and inclusive. 

National days and events

On a similar note to Christmas light switch-ons, digital screens can equally be used for other community events – even the more sombre ones. For example, earlier this month they were notably used in Manchester during the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph. 

Here’s where there’s a subtle but important difference to the types of events we’ve just been talking about above – everyone likes to see festive illuminations switched on primarily for the spectacle; because they look beautiful. For events like Remembrance Day on the other hand, lots of people want to be able to see what’s going on because they want to feel included, to feel a sense of belonging and community. 

Now, Remembrance Day is obviously the most solemn example, but that sense of belonging and togetherness can equally be just as important at smaller, brighter events, like local or regional parades – where a sense of community is central to the entire concept. In cases like these, digital signage doesn’t just provide value for the operator – it could even be argued they’re helping to perform a valuable public service. 

New Year

When it comes to national days, you can’t get much better than New Year’s. It’s arguably the single biggest community event that the nation can experience together – and indeed, anyone else in the same time-zone. Whatever the scale of your own New Year’s celebration – whether it involves fireworks or costumes, music, athletic displays et cetera – digital screens can ensure that everyone always gets a good view, so they can feel an integral part of the festivities. 

Plus, depending on the scale of your event, digital displays can also open up a range of further opportunities to engage attendees. For example, you can encourage attendees to submit pictures via social media of themselves and their families having fun, to be displayed on the screens, and again enhancing that sense of community spirit.

These are just a couple of our ideas – you may well have a couple of your own! Whatever your plans, if you ever need any guidance or a word or two of expert advice, that’s exactly where we can help. Here at Scanlite, we know our digital displays inside out, including the many ways in which they can be used to achieve your goals as a business. Find out more about how we can help your business by giving us a call today on 01253 302723, or email us at We’re always happy to help!