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How to Make your Reception Area More Welcoming

As you may know, we have recently moved our headquarters to a different area of Blackpool. This has been an exciting time for our team, the new location has meant we have a lot more room to display digital signage full time.

If you have clear space and are wondering that to do with it, digital signage could be the answer. Not only will it fill space but they will give a modern feel that is easily changed depending on the environment it’s installed within.

Reception image 2020

Often people see digital signage as being a long term and permanent decision, if this is something that doesn’t appeal to you – an idea is to hire a screen to sit in your reception area if you’re holding an event.

Reception areas are the first impression a potential client receives, if it is welcoming and intriguing – a positive experience will be associated with your brand. Your reception area should represent your business, digital signage represents change and gives a modern impression of your company.

Studies suggest that you have around 7 seconds to make a good first impression, whether you’re meeting someone or they’re entering your building. That time is crucial and digital signage makes an impact in a matter of seconds.

Covid-19 signage

5 ways to improve your reception area 

  1. Add greenery

Adding plants is known to help with wellbeing and will also add a touch of colour into the environment. In our reception, we have a lot of natural light so plants will thrive. If you aren’t lucky enough to have much natural light, fake plants can be just as effective. Plant walls are super trendy at the moment!

    2. Install digital signage

As I have previously mentioned, digital signage can benefit your reception area in many ways – whether that’s to inform visitors of Covid-19 information, advertise or provide sponsored content. Your digital signage will be catered to you.

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   3. Make it clear what business they’re entering 

I always think it’s important to have your logo suitably placed somewhere; whether that’s on your desk, the outside of the building or on a wall. We have chosen to have a graphic installed behind the main desk, making it clear who we are. If you share a building with other companies, this is particularly essential.

   4. Play suitable music 

Who doesn’t love music? TV’s and radios are a thing of the past in receptions, refreshing Spotify playlists are the way to go. Either create your own or type in the word ‘chilled’ to be met with a variety of chilled playlist options. Don’t forget your music license! 

   5. Keep it clean and tidy

Mess gives the impression that you’re disorganised, which we all know you aren’t! To avoid making this impression, before your potential client pulls into your forecourt – ensure that they’re met with organised cabinets and clean surfaces.

Scanlite sign

Our team can happily take a look at your premises and help you develop a digital signage plan, signage can be used in many working environments. To see us progress with our new headquarters, visit our social media pages. 

Final tip: Scanlite used Pinterest to gather our office design ideas, view our board if you’re interested.





We’d love to discuss digital signage with you!

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